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Province of Ascoli Piceno (IT)

Institution (EN)
Province of Ascoli Piceno
Institution (OL)
Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
Role in the project
Project partner
Legal status
Local Public Authority
Marche Region
Contact person 1
Lorella Bovara - European Office
Piazza Simonetti, 36 - 63100 Ascoli Piceno (IT)
Tel: +39 0735 782 004
Fax: +39 0735 789 105
Contact person 2
Claudio Carlone
Viale Don Minzoni 3/ter - 60035 - Jesi - AN - Italy
Tel: +390731215564
Fax: +390731215572
Partner target
The Province of Ascoli Piceno is a wide area Governing body that, in particular, exerts its activity on every aspect of sustainable development and economical growth of territories of the included municipalities (education, educational training, active employment policies, infrastructures policies, protection and conservation of the environment, transport, etc.). Its target groups are: Citizens and SMEs located within the territory of the province, as well as associations of enterprises, local publics authorities and institutions, "Marche Science and Technology Park" and chambers of commerce.
Main Activities
The Province is in the process of elaborating the Provincial Energy and Environment Plan (PEAP) in line with regional priorities (e.g. the Marche's Regional Energy and Environment plan) and with international environmental and energy policies and priorities.
Partner input
The Province has competences in the economic and environmental planning of the provincial territory and defines territorial strategy and priorities by activating consultation with relevant stakeholders (e.g. "Marche Science and Technology Park" and chambers of commerce). Since it participates in all negotiation processes with the Marche Region concerning Regional policies, it therefore has considerable capacity to influence regional policy.
Expected output
Improvement of investment in R&D and eco-innovation: The highly competitive environment, where micro and small enterprises are predominant, often prevents enterprises from collaborating in order to create the critical mass necessary for general innovative development. In this context the development of sound eco-management policies at local and regional level is essential in order to promote the acquisition of eco-innovative solutions and to support territorial development.

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