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Project meetings


RECOMMEND Final Conference Varna, Bulgaria
A page is turned but a new chapter begins
Target: the Final RECOMMEND conference- a high-point of the 3-year project - provides information on the main achievements of the RECOMMEND project; Core topic will be the presentation of the 8 regional implementation plans (RIP) which set out different environmental support measures the partner discovered during the project and would recommend for their own region. An additional highlight will be the workshop on the brand new topic circula economy. Furthermore this conference will provide valuable input for further cooperation in the field of eco-management & eco-innovation in future funding programmes.
Agenda (pdf-file, 0,5MB)
Invitation letter (pdf-file, 0,1MB)
Introduction (ppt-file, 0,6MB)
RIP presentations (ppt-file, 4,5MB)
Jason Martinez (pptx-file, 5MB)
Circular Economy (ppt-file, 2MB)
Project ideas (ppt-file, 0,6MB)
7th steering group (ppt-file, 1MB)
7th steering group minutes (pdf-file, 0,1MB)
Agenda Covenant of mayors (rtf-file, 0,6MB)
Covenant of mayors facts & figures (ppt-file, 1,7MB)
SEAP best practices (pptx-file, 1,5MB)
SEAP tonev (ppt-file, 1MB)
Round table (ppt-file, 2,2MB)
Creativity workshop (ppt-file, 0,8MB)
final conference report (pdf-file, 0,4MB)
Group picture (jpg-file, 0,2MB)


RECOMMEND Peer Assessment meeting & 6th Steering Group Meeting, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Target: Purpose of this workshop is to review the drafts of all Regional Implementation Plans (RIPs) which all RECOMMEND partners have to prepare during the project duration. Each partner will present a defence of its RIP according to e.g. efficiency, impact, implementability & sustainability. Together with external experts the project team will formulise three recommendations for each RIP. Target is to support each partner in preparing his RIP in the most successful and realistic way in order to ensure its realisation after the project end as much as possible.

Agenda (pdf-file 0,3MB)
Introduction (ppt-file 0,7MB)
Technopolis (pptx-file 0,9MB)
RIPs presentation (ppt-file 0,9MB)
6th Steeringgroup meeting (ppt-file 1,3MB)
RECOMMEND presentation (ppt-file 0,6MB)
Presentazione Regione Marche (pptx-file 1,6MB)
Picture meeting (jpg-file 1,6MB)
6th Steeringgroup minutes (pdf-file 0,1MB)
Report peer assessment (pdf-file 0,4MB)
Group picture (pdf-file 0,2MB)


RECOMMEND 4th Working Summit and 5th Steering Group Meeting, Torun, Poland
Target: This summit has 3 main discussion topics: (1) status quo report on preparing the 8 Regional Implementation Plans (RIP) & peer assessment session, (2) Status quo report on the implementation of the RECOMMEND 3 Pilot Actions in Austria, Czech Republic and Estonia & field missions and (3) Workshop on alternative financing possibilities of eco friendly actions (Crowd Funding)

Agenda (doc-file 0,2MB)
Working report (pdf-file 0,4MB)
Protocol 5th Steering Group Minutes (pdf-file 0,2MB)
Group picture (jpg-file 0,7MB)
Introduction (ppt-file 0,4MB)
Pilot Actions (ppt-file 0,6MB)
Steering Committee (ppt-file 1,3MB)
RIP Presentation part II (ppt-file 1,6MB)
RIP Presentation part III (ppt-file 1,7MB)
Medical Tourism & Wellness Cluster(ppt-file 0,5MB)
Supporting Cluster(ppt-file 0,3MB)
Eco Crowd Funding (ppt-file 0,6MB)
Dan Marom (pdf-file 3,6MB)


RECOMMEND 3rd workding summit and 4th Steering Group meeting, Tartu, Estonia
Target: The project partners will present the results of the 3 interregional working groups which were founded at the last working summit in Uniked Kingdom and will show how to integrate the new gained experiences / information in the planned Regional Implementation Plans (RIP). Furthermore the partners will prepare 8 road maps for implementing the RIPs and will define 3 pilot actions which will be implemented in the regions of AT, EE and CZ.

3rd working report (pdf-file 0,5MB)
4th steering group minutes (pdf-file 0,1MB)
Download documents (zip-file 4,0MB)
Presentation ELMO (pptx-file 2,7MB)
Policy strategy paper ELLE (pptx-file 2,3MB)
Agenda (pdf-file 0,1MB)
Templates RIP (zip-file 0,4MB)


Study visit at IKEA´s distribution centre in Peterborough. It is one of the greenest in Europe.
RECOMMEND 2nd working summit and 3rd Steering Group meeting, Peterborough, United Kingdom
Target: The project partners will inform each other about the results of their thematic talks with their regional stakeholders and political decision makers regarding best practice examples, new support measures and potential funding schemes for eco-management and eco-innovation. Based on the joint discussion of the results the partners will define certain topics for deepened analysis in future international working groups.

RECOMMEND 2nd WS Report (pdf-file 1,4MB)
Steering Group Minutes Peterborough (pdf-file 0,3MB)
Agenda workshop 2 in Peterborough (pdf-file 0,2MB)
Template Summary Thematic Talks (doc-file 0,2MB)
Presentation working groups (ppt-file 0,5MB)
Introduction by the moderator (ppt-file 0,4MB)
Project work plan phase3 (ppt-file 0,5MB)
Template working group cluster initiatives (pdf-file 0,4MB)
Template working group practitioner networks (pdf-file 0,4MB)
Template working group eco-voucher schemes (pdf-file 0,4MB)
rpo Peterborough (pptx-file 1,6MB)
Technopolis presentation (pptx-file 190Kb)
presentation finance (ppt-file 0,8MB)
Presentation communication (ppt-file 1,1MB)
Presentation Torraca (ppt-file 5MB)
Presentation Summary of all thematic talks (ppt-file 1MB)
Working summit 26-28 Nov 2012 (ppt-file 0,4MB)
2nd Working summit (jpg-file 0,4MB)
Picture (jpg-file 0,8MB)


team of the 1st working summit
RECOMMEND 1st working summit and 2nd Steering Group meeting, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
Target: Gaining an overview of existing political approaches and model regions with innovative strategies for fostering eco-management and eco-innovation; getting input how to plan regional thematic talks for sharing the project idea and exchanging experience with regional stakeholders and policy makers.

1st WS Report (pdf-file 500Kb)
2nd Steering Group Minutes (pdf-file 300Kb)
Agenda, introduction, group sessions, templates (zip-file 3,1Mb)
Presentation with important information (zip-file 1,2Mb)
Finance online reporting (zip-file 600Kb)
Presentation Communication (pdf-file 2Mb)
UBBSLA (pdf-file 200Kb)
Ekoport (pdf-file 800Kb)
Study presentation (pdf-file 200Kb)
Best practice study "Greenovate!" (pdf-file, 1,3Mb)
South Bohemia introduction (pdf-file, 500Kb)
Picture (jpg-file 500Kb)


picture of the kick-off event
RECOMMEND Kick Off Event and 1st Steering Group meeting, St. Pölten, Austria
Target: Gaining a common point of view of the project (objectives, activities, challenges etc..) and getting to know each other as a project team. Furthermore the meeting focuses on the RECOMMEND objective of creating regional frameworks for eco-management and eco-innovation. One way is to raise eco-efficiency at the level of individual economic stakeholders. We will discuss, test and analyse the first ideas on how to strengthen eco-management support schemes in our regions

Agenda, introduction, presentations (zip-file 500Kb)
EMAS in Austria (zip-file 3,8Mb)
Peterborough’s Eco-Innovation Cluster (zip-file 13,3Mb)
Pictures (zip-file 5,6Mb)

Dissemination events organised by partners


Business Cafe "Eco-innovation in SMEs", Targovishte, Bulgaria
Target: Informing Bulgarian enterpreneurs & representatives of SMEs how to foster eco-innovation in their business
Invitation (pdf-file, 0,2MB)
PECSD Presentation (pdf-file, 0,6MB)
UBBSA Presentation (pdf-file, 2MB)
3K Presentation (pdf-file, 4MB)


Business Cafe "Eco-innovation in SMEs", Shumen, Bulgaria
Target: Informing Bulgarian enterpreneurs & representatives of SMEs how to foster eco-innovation in their business
Invitation (pdf-file, 0,2MB)
PECSD Presentation (pdf-file, 0,6MB)
UBBSA Presentation (pdf-file, 2MB)
3K Presentation (pdf-file, 4MB)


Business Cafe "Eco-innovation in SMEs", Silistra, Bulgaria
Target: Informing Bulgarian enterpreneurs & representatives of SMEs how to foster eco-innovation in their business
Invitation (pdf-file, 0,2MB)
PECSD Presentation (pdf-file, 0,6MB)
UBBSA Presentation (pdf-file, 2MB)
3K Presentation (pdf-file, 4MB)


Business Cafe "Eco-innovation in SMEs", Dobrich , Bulgaria
Target: Informing Bulgarian enterpreneurs & representatives of SMEs how to foster eco-innovation in their business
Invitation (pdf-file, 0,2MB)
PECSD Presentation (pdf-file, 0,6MB)
UBBSA Presentation (pdf-file, 2MB)
3K Presentation (pdf-file, 4MB)


PL delegation on study visit to Graz, Austria
Target: The Polish delegation were invited to Styria in order to learn more about practices and experiences in the field of construction and operation of cluster initiatives, especially in the context of eco-management and eco-innovation. The participants had the opportunity to know the functioning of eco-cluster (ECO WORLD STYRIA), implemented by Green Tech Valley, which accumulates the leaders in the field of eco. This cluster supports the economic and political initiatives in the energy and environmental engineering. It also supports companies by providing services, innovative projects, is looking for new markets. Another highlight of this study tour was to learn more about sustainable waste management in the region of Styria.
Program: (pdf-file, 0,3MB)
Pictures: (zip-file, 3,3MB)
Presentation SFG (pdf-file, 3,9MB)
Presentation Green Tech (pdf-file, 3,6MB)
Presentation Mr. Himmel (pdf-file, 3,1MB)


Gala event "contest for eco-friendly companies", Tartu, Estonia
Target: Inspired via RECOMMEND and the Lower Austrian best Practice Example "Ökomanagement Pogramme Lower Austria" the Estonian Project partner organised in close cooperation with the City of Tartu the first company contest in Tartu. At this gala event the most environmentally friendly companies were awarded. Target of this event is promote regional successful best practice examples in the field of eco-management and eco-innovation and to encourage other companies, organizations and individuals to use the same and / or new environmentally friendly solutions.
external link: (click here)
external link: (click here)
external link: (click here)
external link: (click here)

19th Sept. 2014

Roadmapping Workshop, Peterborough, United Kingdom

Workshop Screenshots: (doc-file, 0,5MB)
Newsletter: (pdf-file, 0,5MB)


Business Cafe "Eco-innovation in SMEs", Varna, Bulgaria
Target: Informing Bulgarian enterpreneurs & representatives of SMEs how to foster eco-innovation in their business
presentation 1 (pdf-file 0,6MB)
presentation 2 (pdf-file 7,4MB)
presentation 3 (pdf-file 1,7MB)
facebook-invitation (jpg-file 0,2KB)


RECOMMEND meeting with regional Polish stakeholders, Torun, Poland
Target: this meeting will inform regional stakeholders about status quo of the project RECOMMEND and international cooperation in the field of eco-innnovation & eco-management
picture 1 (jpg-file 0,1MB)
picture 2 (jpg-file 0,1MB)


RECOMMEND seminar on eco-design & eco-label, Estonia
Target: the seminar will inform SMEs how to improve their competitiveness through eco-design and eco-labels and how to improve their green export strategies
Agenda (pdf-file 0,3MB)
picture 1 (jpg-file 0,1MB)
picture 2 (jpg-file 0,1MB)


RECOMMEND field mission to Prague, Czech Republic
Target: Discussing new funding instruments and challenges for support to eco-innovation and eco-energy projects and tools.
Agenda (pdf-file 0,3MB)
Presentations (zip-file 5MB)


RECOMMEND field mission to Lower Austria, Austria
Target: providing information on financing options for alternative & sustainable energy solutions & presenting the LA RECOMMEND Pilot Action
Concept of LA field mission (doc-file 0,2MB)
PV eNu presentation Schoenkirchen (pdf-file 0,3MB)
Welcome (ppt-file 0,6MB)
EVN crowd-funding (ppt-file 0,6MB)
group picture (jpg-file 0,3MB)


RECOMMEND field mission to Tallin, Estonia
Target: informing participants about the Estonian E-mobility initiative & the Estonian RECOMMEND Pilot Action
Agenda (doc-file 0,1MB)
Presentation Free Public Transport (pptx-file 1,9MB)
Presentation ELMO electromobility programm (ppt-file 1,8MB)
Presentation Estonias transport policy (pptx-file 1MB)
Image (jpg-file 0,1MB)
Tartu sustainable transport system (pdf-file 0,9MB)


Seminar "Implementation of energy management and environmental management systems approved by Lower Austria", Tartu & Tallin, Estonia
Target: providing information on LA Best Practice examples in the frame of eco-management & eco-innovation to Estonian experts in order to learn from good experiences and to integrate successfully approved experiences in the Estonian RIP
Agenda (doc-file 0,2MB)
Presentation "Ökomanagement" (pdf-file 1,7MB)
Presentation climate energy strategies (pdf-file 3,7MB)
Environmental Management System (pdf-file 1,5MB)


Workshop for decision makers and politicians, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
Target: providing information how to implement innovation voucher schemes
Agenda (pdf-file 0,3MB)


RECOMMEND Interregional working group visit "Eco-Cluster", Kujawsko-pomorskie Region, Poland
Agenda (docx-file 0,2MB)
Pictures (zip-file 0,4MB)


Tallinn, Estonia

Target: providing information on successful green procurmement in different European countries / regions
Agenda (pdf-file 0,2MB)
Presentation1 (pptx-file 1,6MB)
Presentation2 (ppt-file 2,0MB)
Picture (jpg-file 0,2MB)


RECOMMEND interregional working group workshop "innovation voucher", Brno, Czech Republic
Target:The interregional RECOMMEND working group "innovation vouchers" will organise a workshop in the Czech Republic. Main goal of this event is the introduction to existing and well established voucher scheme in the Czech Republic (region of South Moravia) as well as providing information on general motives, framework, impacts and barriers when setting up such scheme. The workshop is organized by Ekoport (RECOMMEND project partner) in close cooperation with experts from South Moravian Innovation Centre ( which has long term and successful experience in setting up innovation vouchers in Czech Republic.
Agenda (pdf-file 0,2MB)
Workshop package (pdf-file 0,6MB)
Minutes workshop Brno (doc-file 0,8MB)
Picture (png-file 0,2MB)
Presentations (zip-file 4,9MB)


RECOMMEND Interregional working group visit St. Pölten & Vienna, Austria
Target: According to their regional interests /needs the RECOMMEND project team formed three working groups at the 2nd working summit in Peterborough (UK) in Nov. 2013. One working group was formed on the topic "eco-management practitioner networks" and consists of partners from Estonia, Italy, United Kingdom and Lower Austria. Task of each single working group is to develop new or to improve already existing eco-management and eco-innovation instruments and actions related to their topic. The working group "practitioner networks" visits Lower Austria and Vienna in order to get more and detailed information about regional success stories. They will meet regional experts familiar with passive housing, cluster initiatives, funding programmes, environmental accredition schemes, certified companies etc
Einladung & Anmeldung (pdf-file 0,2MB)
Agenda (pdf-file 0,4MB)
Präsentation WKNÖ (pptx-file 0,3MB)
Best Practice OeMNOe (ppt-file 0,3MB)
Best Practice Webrestaurant (pptx-file 2,9MB)
EBP Vienna (pptx-file 2,2MB)
eNu presentation (pptx-file 0,7MB)
Eco Buy Vienna (pptx-file 0,2MB)
Presentation Peter Obricht (pptx-file 2,9MB)
Renewable Energy Lower Austria (pptx-file 0,9MB)
Denkstatt + EcoBusinessPlans (pptx-file 1,2MB)
IIE presentation (pptx-file 2,1MB)
GBC presentation (pdf-file 1,8MB)
Picture 1 (pdf, 250kB)   Picture 2 (pdf, 250kB)


seminar "Solar Energy" organized by Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Target:providing information about possibilities how to become a micro-producer of electricity, off-grid and on-grid systems as well as providing information on measures how to support buying and instoring PV-panels and such systems.
Agenda (pdf-file 0,2MB)


"Eco Innovation in Enterprises" organised by Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Target:Gaining an overview what eco-innovation means, how enterprises can benefit from eco-innovation activities and how good practice examples works such e.g. in the forest industry.
Agenda (pdf-file 0,2MB)


Discussion round "Perspektywy rozwoju Eko-Innowacji w Polsce", TLEN, Poland
Target: information exchange on eco-innovation development in Poland between Ministry of the Environment and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Marshal's Office
PP-presentation (pdf-file 0,1MB)
picture (jpg-file 0,1MB)


Seminar "Green Energy House "in the frame of the Festival "EcoFest" organized by Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Target:Introducing the principles and practical part of the energy efficient building and renovation and how international initiatives such as RECOMMEND can support such development.
external links:
Ökofestival "Rohelisem elu"
Seminar "Rohelise energia maja"

External events participated in

2-3. Dez. 2014

several RECOMMEND partners participated at the Interreg IVC / Interreg Europe interregional forum "Europe, let's cooperate!" in order to gain new
information about future funding periods and to discuss common future project ideas.
1st Dez. 2014

RECOMMEND was presented to experts in the
field of "environmental and energy economics"
from the Regional Government of
Lower Austria (AT)
download pptx
(0,7 MB)
26th June 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Rutland LEADER event (UK)
11th June 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the meeting with representatives
of the Danish Lean Energy Cluster in Torun (PL)
download jpg
(0,2 MB)
CLEAN presentation PL (pdf-file 0,8MB)
5th June 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Rutland Council (UK)
22th May 2014

RECOMMEND and one of his best practice
examples "Ökomanagement Lower Austria" was
presented at the Interreg IVC event
"Policy learning, policy sharing" in Brussels (BE)
19th May 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Big Innovation Centre Event House
of Commons, Peterborough (UK)
13th May 2014

Recommend & it's pilot action "voucher scheme"
were presented at the conference "Inovace v
region / Innovation in the region"
download pdf
(0,9 MB)
1st May 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Engineering sector meeting,
Peterborough (UK)
25th April 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Cambridge University (UK)
21.3.2014 - 22.3.2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the DAY OF THE AGENCY LEAD in Slovenia

download pdf
(0,6 MB)
download pptx
(0,3 MB)
17th March 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Ökomanagement Day 2014 in St. Pölten (AT)
(copyright picture: NLK Johann Pfeiffer)

(0,1 MB)
external link
13th March 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Venture fest York National event, York (UK)
4th March 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the meeting Cambridgeshire County Council/Cambridge (UK)
26th Feb. 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Norwich Airport Management briefing,
Norwich (UK)
3rd Feb. 2014

RECOMMEND was presented at
the Big Innovation Centre Stakeholder and Policy Maker event- Peterborough (UK)
14th November 2013
RECOMMEND was presented at
the workshop on Eco-Innovation in the frame
of the "Thematic Programme Capitalisation" in Brussels (BE)
download doc (0,5 MB)
download ppt (0,5 MB)
3rd October 2013
RECOMMEND was presented at
Centre for Cities Peterborough regional event (UK) to a mix of public, private and academic partners.
download pdf (1,4 MB)
2st October 2013
RECOMMEND was presented to
to experts in the field of "environmental and energy econmics" from the Regional Government of Lower Austria (AT)
download ppt (1 MB)
16th-17th May 2013
RECOMMEND was presented at
the workshop "bringing together the EEN
(Enterprise Europe network members)
to improve environmental management
in the leather, paper, chemical and
textile sector in Torún (PL)
download pdf (0,2 MB)
download zip (0,8 MB)
pptx-file (0,5MB)
20th December 2012
RECOMMEND was presented to
Graduates of "Green Fields" studies
such as engineering, architecture etc.
in Province of Ascoli Piceno (IT)
download ppt (1,5 MB)
31th October 2012
RECOMMEND was presented at
Thematic Programme Capitalisation.
Workshop on eco-innovation (BE)
download pdf (0,6 MB)
download ppt (0,6 MB)
25th October 2012
RECOMMEND was presented at
"Green Growth Forum" (EE)
(seminar "Smart Energy Solutions")
16-17th October 2012
RECOMMEND was presented as best
practice example at Open Days in
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship
download pdf (0,5 MB)
download jpg (0,3 MB)
download jpg (0,3 MB)
download jpg (0,3 MB)
download zip (1,7 MB)
16th October 2012
RECOMMEND was presented in
Marche Region (IT)
download ppt (0,5 MB)
download ppt (1,5 MB)
10th October 2012
RECOMMEND was presented at the
international Eco-Clusters conference:
Drivers for regional growth &
internationalisation by Gareth Jones
download pdf (0,5 MB)

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